Some time ago I chanced upon a small "Free" health website that someone had set up concerning "Mental Health Issues." I have had Paranoid Schizophrenia some 28 or so year and as no real articles of any substance had been posted on the site, I decided to write some pieces for her. I have become more and more open with those around me as to my problems and my deteriorating mental abilities as time has gone by, so the idea of sharing my intimate thought didn't phase me. My writing skills aren't wonderful, but are adequate to get my thoughts across to others and from time to time, when the mood takes me, I can be quite prolific having written my Autobiography, "Schizophrenia, My Life Story," and written, or been involved with, some 20 odd other short books that can be found on "Google Books." The young Ladies website has now closed and I felt that I should re-post my articles on my own site so that they wouldn't be lost.

Whilst writing the articles, I did for a short while, get a few responses from a couple of surfers to which I wrote a few "Agony Uncle,  type pieces that are also included here, although they may seem a little out of context on their own without the original comments.