About The League 

New Rugeley Wednesday Darts League

The new "Rugeley Wednesday Premier Darts League" will start on the 17th June 2009. Initially teams are from the immediate area of Rugeley which will include Brereton, Armitage, Handsacre and Colton. 8 teams have signed up to start the league for this, the first season, but hopefully there will be more for the next. We are not having far flung teams like they do in the Weston League, because of the drink driving problems and transport generally.

The matches will be played in an evening and are to consist of teams fielding 2 doubles pairs and 4 singles players, thus making the matches best of 6 games. This will  give the possibility of a draw which occasionally seems a fairer result in some matches than an outright win. Each  game will be best of 3 legs of 501 with any double start. Players will be drawn for opponents and partners in the doubles games. With only 4 players needed to field a team they can easily travel in one car.

It has not been decided whether to have 2 seasons a year or just one as in the Rugeley Monday Night League. This will in part depend on the numbers of teams showing an  interest after the first season has finished in the Autumn.

As regards to fees payable and the finer points of match rules etc these were discussed with the Captains and decided at a League meeting on the 3rd June before the league started. (Rules will be made available)

If you are interested in entering a team for next season then contact Graham Jellyman at the Castle. A Team Registration Form can be found to print on the Fixtures Page of this web-site.