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Rugeley Wednesday Darts League "Live" Chat Room.


            To ENTER CLICK
on the symbol.  Free Java Chat from Free Java Chat from
NOTES:- This is an experimental page to follow on after the success of the Monday Night Darts Guest Book. The difference with this is that, yes you will have to make a simple, not detailed registration, (nickname) but you will be able to chat to each other live on line. (Type not talk!) For more details on How To Chat, Click Here.

Might I suggest that if players enter the chat room after the pubs close at say 11pm, (G.M.T.) especially after darts on a Monday or Wednesday night they might, find others on there to talk to. It may well take a week or two before WE ALL get the hang of how it works, so please excuse any mistakes or changes I have to make as we go. (It may not work for you if you do not have JAVA correctly installed and operational.)
Have fun and spread the word!