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 league rules summer 2009 

League Rules

  1. The League shall be called “The Rugeley Wednesday Premier Darts League.”
  2. The League shall be governed by a Committee consisting of a Treasurer/Secretary, Web-master/Secretary and a Captain from each team.
  3. The Annual Fee shall be £20, payable at the start of the season.
  4. A Team shall consist of enough players to win a match.
  5. The results of the Matches to be counted on games won as a team. Team Captains must not sign match cards until filled in and checked. The results on the official card will be final. Cards to be filled in with ink or ballpoint pen in block capitals.
  6. The board shall be 5ft 8ins from the floor to the centre and the throw or toe line 7ft 9 ¼ ins in a plumb line as near as possible from the face of the board and measured along the floor.
  7. The throw line shall be permanently shown in some distinctive manner (Chalk is not sufficient) and shall be not less than 2ft long. The line must be toed, not trodden on or stood upon on. A player may move along it as far as he likes.
  8. Each player shall have 3 darts.
  9. Matches shall consist of 2 doubles games and 4 individual games of 501 any double to start, double to finish, best of 3 legs. Visitors to throw for a double in the first leg of the first game. In the second leg the home team to start. If a third leg is required the visitor is to throw first again. In the second game the home team to throw first for the first leg, reverse again for the third game and so on.
  10. 3 Points will be awarded to a Team for winning a match and one Point awarded to both Teams for a draw.
  11. All games should have a Marker provided by the Home team and a Checker by the Away team.
  12. A Draw will be made with counters/cards to decide the order of play in the singles, the doubles and for partners in the doubles.
  13. A record of darts thrown for each singles game shall be kept and handed in with each result sheet each week by the home team so that players averages may be recorded.
  14. The exact number must be obtained and if a player obtains more than the requisite number with any of his darts the score shall not count and he shall throw for the original number required with his next 3 darts.
  15. If a dart falls out before the announcer calls the score it does not count. Only darts actually touching the board are counted when the score is announced. If a dart knocks another out the fallen dart does not count.
  16. If a dart is resting on top of another the point must be touching the board to score. The point touching a wire does not score..
  17. Chalk and board or electronic scoring may be used and the subtraction method of scoring employed. Each players score must be shown. The board must be fixed in a prominent position to the wall.
  18. Players may not play for or transfer to another side once they have signed for a side unless they have not actually played a game for that side either in the singles or the doubles and then the League Secretary must be advised.
  19. Matches to be played on Wednesday evenings. Draw to be made at 8-30pm and games to start at 8-45pm. Re-arranged games see rule 20.
  20. A postponement of a fixture may be allowed at the committees discretion.
  21. Teams not turning up shall forfeit the match 6-0.
  22. All players must have played in a minimum of 6 League games before they can play in any competitions.
  23. Any team owing money at the end of the season will not be allowed to play any season after until the money owing is paid in full.
  24. A player from a team owing money will also not be allowed to play unless they pay a percentage of the money owed to the league.
  25. The Executive committee will make the draws governing all competitions. The League shall be run by the Executive Committee only.
  26. No new players to sign for a team after 6 weeks into the season unless agreed by the Secretary before they play. Failure to do so will result in a 6-0 loss of the game played.
  27. A player shall be deemed as registered for a team once his name has been written on a result sheet.
  28. Should any questions arise not covered by the rules they will be resolved by the Committee.

The Committee request that all clubs and players assist them by conforming to these rules to ensure the good government and success of the “Rugeley Wednesday Premier Darts League”