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Meeting and Friendlies (Dated 24/3/10)
Chetwynd Arms V Greyhound (Dated 10/3/10)
Captains Meeting Called For 24/3/10
Plough V Greyhound (Dated 24/2/2010)
Encouraging Young Darts Players (Dated 27/1/10)
Our Second Win In 2 Seasons
(Dated 20/1/10)
The Pear Tree Green Army (Dated 16/12/09)
A Bizarre Opening Game For The New Season (Dated 2/12/09)
League Meeting For Second Season (Dated 23/9/09)
A.G.M. Called For Second Season. (Dated 3/9/09)
New ChatRoom Added 8/7/09
Some Thoughts On The New League (Dated 18/6/09)
Match Report Pear Tree V Greyhound (Dated 17/6/09)
The New League. (Dated 6/6/09)

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