Unusual & Old Fashioned Fruit Trees



 Almond (Nut) – Prunus Dulcis

The Almond tree is a smallish tree or shrub that will grow up to about 8 metres. Although originally a native of Asia it has long been cultivated widely throughout southern Europe for its precious crop of nuts. Coming from warmer climates it will appreciate a South facing sheltered site to give its best performance.

When the tree flowers in March and through April it is covered in blossom after which the fruits develop. The fruits are grey/green, oblong and some 2 inches or so in length with a thin layer of green flesh covering the seed. When we normally think of nuts, we normally think of an oily seed inside a hard shell, but in fact many of the nuts we eat are actually found inside a fruit, as is the case with the Almond. If the Almond is picked and the thin layer of flesh removed the “Nut” is revealed. It is of course green until dried, after which it turns the familiar pale fawn or light tan colour.

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