Unusual & Old Fashioned Fruit Trees



 Feijoa (or Acca) Sellowiana.

The “Pineapple Guava,” as it is commonly called, is a member of the Myrtle family and as such is a little tender needing a sheltered, wind free spot to grow in.

This small tree, or shrub, only grows up to some 7 metres in height and will tolerate shady and dry conditions although it does need plenty of water at the time of fruit production like Figs.

Coming from South America, this evergreen is also often grown as a garden plant in other parts of the World as diverse as New Zealand and Scotland..

One or two U.K. mail order companies sometimes offer seeds of Feijoa for sale, although it is said the resulting seedlings grow slowly and will not all develop into freely fruiting, mature, specimens.

Young plants of Feijoa are particularly tender, but claims are made that mature plants are hardy in mild winters as they will stand several degrees of frost, but severe frosts (–10 C or more,) can take the younger wood at the end of branches that have the fruiting buds, in much the same way as with outdoor fig varieties.

Feijoa Sellowiana has attractive, almost, Fuchsia-like blooms, followed by delicious green fruit. The fruit does not change colour as it ripens, but does become softer and is best picked before fully ripe as it will drop to the floor and quickly spoil. Ripe fruit does not keep well and is not freely available to buy because of its short shelf life and the fact that it is easily damaged. Very much like the “Guava,” in appearance, to which it is closely related, the chickens egg, sized fruit, has a gritty texture and strong smell.

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