Unusual & Old Fashioned Fruit Trees


Kumquat - Fortunella.

Kumquats are related to the Citrus family of oranges, limes, grapefruits and lemons, but not as closely as their appearance might make one think. These tiny fruits are only about one inch across, shaped like and the colour of an orange, but this is where the similarities end, because the skin is sweet and the flesh tart. The exact opposite of an Orange and of course another big difference is that the fruit is eaten whole and not peeled like an Orange.

Originating from China instead of the Mediterranean is obviously another difference between, this frost tender, 6 foot high evergreen shrub that is mostly grown as a pot plant, and orange trees. All parts of the Kumquat are sweetly scented including the leaves and stems making it an appealing plant to grow in a conservatory where it can be kept frost-free.

You might well find a small pot grown plant on sale in a garden centre with fruits already on, as is the fashion with lemons and Oranges, but you could also grow one from a pip that can just occasionally be found in shop bought fruits. Do remember though, that the small fruits are slow to ripen.

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