Unusual & Old Fashioned Fruit Trees


Sea Buckthorn-Hippophae Rhamnoides

  Sea Buckthorn is a thorny native that grows prolifically in certain parts around the English coastline. Well known around Asia and most of Europe this plant is almost unheard of in America. Of course being an English native it is well suited to its environment and with it's suckering habit needs to be well controlled if planted in a suitable spot in the garden. This tough plant has leaves not unlike those of an Olive and it too produces berries. Until recently the berries have been little used in food preparations because of their unpleasant taste and acidic nature. However laboratory testing has revealed that the berries could be a new super food due to their unbelievable nutrition levels. An extremely high level of vitamin C along with 7 other vitamins, 24 minerals and 18 amino acids were found in the berries.

Traditional uses for the orange berries are in old healing remedies that include treatment for heart disease, blood pressure, tumours and skin complaints as it has anti-bacterial, wound healing and pain killing properties. The plants medicinal qualities have been long known and led to it being given many names in folk lore. The modern idea of drinking fruit made into "Smoothies" would also enable their health food benefits to be obtained in a more palatable way mixed in with other sweeter, tastier fruits.

Berries are produced by the female plants and remain on the plants throughout the Winter. Unfortunately both male and female plants are needed for berry production and the plants are not readily available with only a few specialized nurseries offering them for sale.

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