Vines and Other Climbing Plants


Chilean Glory Vine - Ecramacarpus Scaber.

As the common name suggests the Chilean Glory Vine comes from the general area of Chile and Peru in South America. Ecramacarpus is in fact a short-lived, evergreen perennial that is not fully frost hardy, so it is normally grown as an annual in the U.K.

Ecramacarpus is a true vine and good climber because it does produce tendrils with which to hold on to any support. 
Being an annual it is ideal for the temporary covering of fences, or perhaps could even be grown up wire supports to give height at the back of a border for the Summer months. The best place to grow the Glory Vine is in full sun and well-drained soil. 

This dainty climber is very quick and easy to grow from seed and puts on a good show with its long flowering season from spring to autumn during which it produces lots of smallish, orangey/yellow, tubular flowers. After flowering, winged seedpods will follow and scatter seed everywhere. Because Ecramacarpus will stand some cold, the seeds will often self-set and germinate outside resulting in new, replacement plants each year after the previous plants have been killed off by the Winter.

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