Vines and Other Climbing Plants


Convolvulous can be a pernicious weed that becomes very hard to eradicate if it is allowed to get out of control. In the wild it can look very attractive growing through hedges with its large white, blousy flowers, but it can easily take over and smother other species making it a real nuisance. Even accidentally introduced into a well cultivated environment, like a garden, it can be difficult to remove, however, there are Cultivated varieties that are more ornamental, some with variegated leaves, that are not so vigorous and they develop more of a trailing habit that are more suitable for planting in back gardens. They can be used to trail down planted pillars, or trail down from raised beds and are also often used as ground cover.

Native Convolvulous grows from thick white fleshy roots that cling to life in all but the harshest of conditions and even the tiniest bit left in the ground will shoot in a matter of weeks producing a new tangle of roots underground and rampaging, clinging, vine above the surface. However, in one tropical variety the roots have been bred to produces thicker, more bulbous roots that develop into tasty, edible tubers. (see Sweet Potatoes.) (See also Morning Glory Link)

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