Vines and Other Climbing Plants

Cup and Saucer Plant - Cobaea Scandens.

The Cobaea Scandens is a very fast growing plant from Mexico that produces dense foliage and attractive flowers. It is a true climber as it has tendrils that help it to cling on to any available support. The Cup and saucer plant, as it is commonly called, likes a sunny and sheltered spot, but unfortunately is only an Annual.

Germination is easy from seed making the Cobaea another useful climbing plant to give height at the back of bedding plant displays and borders with its large flowers. Colours range through pale purples, blues and there is also a pure white variety. What is thought of as the flower is in fact not all flower because part of the display is actually a large calyx that goes round the flower giving rise to its common name of “Cup and Saucer Plant”.

Although the flowers are very showy they do have a bit of an unpleasant smell about them. Unlike most flowers that are pollinated during the day, those of the Cobaea are pollinated at night by insects and also, it is thought, by bats.

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