Vines and Other Climbing Plants



Coming from the southern U.S.A. and Mexico the Freemontodendron is not the hardiest of shrubs and prefers a sunny, sheltered spot. It will happily reach some 6 metres, or more and with its upright growing habit, is ideal for growing against a warm house wall. Freemontodendrons are not climbers of any sort as they do not produce, tendrils, or suckers, nor do they twine, but they can easily be grown as if they are a climber. However, they will need tying in regularly to a supporting framework that is fixed securely to a wall, or other structure.

Spectacular, large, yellow flowers are produced from May through ‘till October and will put on quite a show dotted amongst the evergreen leaves that will provide some cover all year round. Care should be taken when handling this plant though, as the hairy underside of the felt like leaves, and the hairy stems can be a skin and eye irritant to some people.

Although the Freemontodendron is a large spreading bush it is relatively short lived. Propagation can either be by cuttings taken in the summer months, or by seed sown in the Spring.


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