Vines and Other Climbing Plants


The two main types of Hoya that most people will come across are Bella and Carnosa. Both are evergreen and are fairly slow growing, although Bella is a much smaller plant and more suitable grown as a hanging plant in baskets.

Hoya Bella and Carnosa both have white star shaped flowers with a red centre, but those of Carnosa are larger, scented and fade to pink hence its name. 
Carnosa has thick, tough leaves that have a pink tinge to them and a waxy feel the same as do its long lasting flowers, hence its common name of the Wax Plant.

Hoya plants have woody stems and Carnosa is a twining climber that needs a little help in covering a trellis support effectively.

Generally, Hoyas enjoy the warmth of hot Summers in a conservatory, although they will need a little shade from fierce sunlight that may give them sunburn on their leaves. They are also happy enough over Winter with only a gentle heat providing little more than frost free conditions.

Being slow growing woody plants Hoya plants are not easy to propagate and as such are quite expensive to buy as small plants.

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