Vines and Other Climbing Plants

Mimosa – Acacia Dealbata.


Mimosas are actually members of the Acacia family with some of the family coming from Australia and some from Africa. Generally speaking, the African types can be distinguished by the fact that most have thorns on their stems. Although Dealbata is almost hardy in Great Britain it will need some protection on very frosty nights. Mimosas are spectacular plants that are often seen growing outside in the South of France and in other warm holiday destinations.

Although not actually a climber at all, the Mimosa is such a quick and straggly grower with long delicate, stems and branches, it can easily be trained as if it were. Grown under shelter in somewhere like a conservatory, the Mimosa will flourish and carefully trained, can easily be made to cover bare walls, or provide dappled, natural shading by tying it in across the indoor beams of the roof.

In the U.K. the Mimosa is late winter flowering and gives a taste of the Mediterranean with its long feathery leaves and masses of little yellow ball shaped flowers that are highly scented.

Mimosas will happily grow from seed with relatively easy germination and with their quick growth they soon make sizable plants. For the instant gardener, large, flowering plants seem to be sold everywhere when they are in season.

Another of the Mimosa family frequently seen on sale and definitely not a climber is Pudica, commonly called the “Sensitive plant.” This little African Annual is sold as an indoor pot plant and very definitely needs the warmth, but is a real novelty. The delicate feathery leaves and stems fold up and collapse at the lightest of touches giving rise to its common name of the “Sensitive Plant.” However, if the plant is manhandled too much it will simply die, so it should not be left in the care of children!

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