Vines and Other Climbing Plants


The humble garden pea is probably not normally thought of as being a climber, but it does produce tendrils with which it clings on to any support it can find to hold the plant above the ground. Pea plants do not attain the height of Runner Beans, so it would probable be best to call them a scrambler, as all the support they really need is small, twiggy branches.

Peas are one of the earlier cropping vegetables, some varieties of which can be sown throughout the winter, but there are many others for different sowing times throughout the season, very much like potatoes

One of the main problems that farmers face with growing peas is the short time that a pea remains in good condition after picking. Within a matter of a few hours of picking the sugar levels start to drop dramatically which is why homegrown peas always taste sweeter than shop bought ones. Indeed, many farmed peas end up as processed peas if they are not harvested and processed quickly enough. Farmers face strict quality control testing before the processing plants accept their pea crops.

Although, home grown peas invariable taste better, they can be a lot of trouble and need care and attention to grow them well. There are many pests that attack peas and for this reason alone they may be one crop that is best grown by farmers. 
If peas are left until the end of the growing season, allowed to over develop and dry naturally, they can be used as seed for the following season, or stored over winter in air tight containers and then soaked and used in stews, casseroles, or used in soups etc.

Apart from the common garden pea there are other less often grown types such as the Mangetout variety that should be picked before the pods develop too much as they are eaten whole and the peas inside should not be given chance to develop. “Petit Pois” are another variety where the pods should be picked before the peas inside grow too big.
The so called, “Asparagus Pea,” is not really a pea at all, but does have pods that look like pea pods and here again they should be picked before they go fibrous and get too tough to eat.

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