Vines and Other Climbing Plants


Plumbago Capensis (Auriculata)

The greater Plumbago family come from all over the world, although the majority come from warm regions and are frost tender. The variety, Capensis is one of the hardiest and is commonly known as “Leadwort,” due to its early use in the treatment of lead poisoning. 

Capensis, or Auriculata as it is also sometimes called, is a small climber that will quickly reach some 6 feet, or so, with soft growth and small evergreen leaves. It is easily trained, although it will need tying in to supports and is an ideal plant for a conservatory wall that is in full sun, or partial shade. Some varieties of Plumbago need quite a warm greenhouse for the Winter, but Capensis only needs a gentle warmth to keep the conditions little more than frost free.

Pretty blue flowers are produced in the Summer months by the ordinary Plumbago Capensis, but there is also a red variety called Rosea and a white called Alba. Alba is tolerant of dryer conditions than the others, but flowers best with moist soil. In Winter months all the varieties should not be watered so much as in the Summer growing season.

Propagation can be done, by taking cuttings, that will root without too much difficulty and Capensis also produces suckers freely, that can be removed to give instant, ready rooted plants.

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