Vines and Other Climbing Plants


Polygonum (Fallopia) Aubertii -– - Mile-A-Minute

The Polygonum is another one of those plants that goes under different names and will also be found under the name of Fallopia. Coming from China, the variety Aubertii, is a true vine, with its twining habit, that grows very fast, hence its common name of the “Mile A Minute Plant.” It is said that growth can be as much as 16 feet in a single year and the plant can easily reach a height of 40 feet. Because of this excessively rapid growth and the fact that it is very hardy, it is an ideal plant to make a quick screen and to cover unsightly buildings.

The deciduous, plain, broad green leaves make the plant attractive as a backdrop to a garden, but the plant will also reward you with masses of small, individual, white flowers in the summer months.

Polygonum are easy to grow as they are not fussy about either sun, or soil and are easy to root from cuttings.

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