Vines and Other Climbing Plants



There are a few plants that are frequently sold by Garden Centres as climbers that most definitely are not. The Climbing Rose is one such plant as it has no tendrils, does not twine and has no aerial roots, or aerial suckers and the Pyracantha along with Chaenomeles are two more such plants. Like the other two plants however, the Pyracantha does have thorns that will catch in any support and help it to climb. This makes it ideal to grow up through chain link fencing making it more attractive and impenetrable. 

Evergreen Pyracanthas with their small, glossy, green leaves, or Firethorns to use their common name, can also be used to make very good barriers in the form of hedges, as they are quite happy growing without any support as freestanding bushes.

Pyracantha are fairly quick growing and will put on a colourful show for much of the year; firstly with their small, white flowers that are later followed by spectacular trusses of bright, red, or yellow berries that will last well into the Winter if the birds donít eat them.

If you have young children about the Pyracantha is not for you because of its vicious thorns. When pruning is done in the Spring you will need to wear some thick, heavy duty, gardening gloves. Being a woody shrub, Pyracantha are not easy to root, but should germinate easily enough from the seed in their own berries.

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