Vines and Other Climbing Plants

Sollya Heterophylla Bluebell Creeper

Coming from Australia, the Bluebell Creeper is another one of those plants that is being sold from outdoor displays in garden centres, but is in fact not very hardy as it will not tolerate frosty conditions in the Winter. It is however, ideal for a frost-free greenhouse, or conservatory, or else it can be grown in a large pot/tub and be taken inside for the Winter months. Liking free draining soil and lots of moisture during the growing season, contrarily it needs to be kept on the dry side to over Winter safely.

The thin stems holding narrow, evergreen leaves of this creeper have a twining habit and trail naturally, although they can equally well be encouraged to climb up a suitable supporting framework where they will reach a height of some 6 feet. Because of its trailing habit though, it is just as at home in a hanging basket where its clusters of sky blue, bell shaped flowers, in the months of June to September, can put on quite a show. Sollya Heterophylla grows best in Sun, or partial shade, but conditions must not be allowed to get too dry during the Summer, if it is grown inside. In early Spring any dead growth should be trimmed out and the plant can be shaped up. 

Propagation, of the Bluebell Creeper, is best done by taking cuttings from it during the height of the growing season.

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