Vines and Other Climbing Plants



Stephanotis plants are definitely semi-tropical climbers, as although they have no tendrils, their woody stems will twine around anything the plant can gain support from. However, their slow growing stems carrying long, evergreen, oval, plain, but glossy green leaves, do need some tying in. Stephanotis may enjoy hot Summers in a conservatory, but they are happy enough over Winter with only a gentle heat providing little more than frost free conditions.

Garden Centres always sell Stephanotis from an inside shop as a pot plant that is usually wound round a wire hoop, or simple frame of some sort, in March, for Mothers day.
The white flowers of the Stephanotis are very exotic and highly scented making them an ideal gift for a certain type of lady. Stephanotis flowers also have a waxy feel to them that makes them tough and long lasting thus making them a more enduring gift and a living alternative to a bouquet of flowers.

As with most woody plants, cuttings of Stephanotis are very difficult to root and because of the slow growing nature of the plant they are difficult to propagate by any other method as well, making them quite expensive to buy. 

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