Vines and Other Climbing Plants

Trachelospermum Jasminoides (Rhynospermum J.)


There are several types of Trachelospermum that come from South East Asia and are available to buy from garden centres in Great Britain. The most popular variety is called Jasminoides as its flowers are very reminiscent of those of Jasmine. Being white and a similar shape and size they are also highly scented and produced in mid Summer. A pretty variegated variety with leaves a bit like those of a Euonymous is sometimes seen on sale as well.

Trachelospermums are fairly slow growing when first planted until they get established and then they will grow a little quicker. They are an evergreen that twines around its support as it climbs. Like many plants with a milky sap, that exudes both when stems and leaves are cut, they may not be too easy to root by cuttings, but the method of layering, roots Trachelospermum plants more easily. Although they are a climber the smaller growing types are quite suitable for ground cover.

Normally a sheltered sunny spot is quite suitable for Trachelospermums as they are fairly frost hardy, but on a very Northerly site they may be better grown in a conservatory. 

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