Vines and Other Climbing Plants

Trumpet Vine - Campsis Radicans.


Some family members of Campsis come from China and the hardier, Radicans, comes from North America. Radicans, or the Trumpet Vine, as it is commonly called, is a vigorous, deciduous, woody climber. It is a true climber as it clings on using aerial roots, in very much the same was as ivy does.

Campsis Radicans will do best in a sunny and sheltered spot such as against a South-facing wall where it will quickly climb without any help. The Trumpet Vines small leaves are arranged down the stems very much like those of the Rowan tree. At the end of the stems, the large, Scarlet/orange flowers are produced throughout the Summer and Autumn months. The flowers are not held individually on the stem, but are bunched together at the stem tips to make a spectacular, single head.

Being a woody plant, cuttings of Campsis Radicans may best be rooted by layering to increase plant numbers.

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