Vines and Other Climbing Plants


Virginia Creeper - Pathenocissus.


There are several varieties of this deciduous climber available and all are very hardy. Parthenocissus clings in a similar way to Ivy by using small tendrils that have tiny suckers attached. Using these it will happily reach up to 50 feet and more, although it is not as fast growing as Polygonum.

Parthenocissus will quickly cover any fence, or wall with its dense leaf growth, but should not be planted up against any wall that gets very hot, or that bakes in the sun. The planting site should also have rich, but well drained soil.

The leaves of Parthenocissus drop very late in the Autumn and it is often well into the Winter before they really fall. It is the leaves that this family of plants is really recognised for, with some types having leaves that are purple when immature and others having attractive cut leaves that turn to brilliant reds and oranges as Winter sets in. The dense leaf cover also affords excellent protection for nesting birds.

Like all plants Parthenocissus do have flowers, but they are non descript and unnoticeable, so propagation is not normally done from seed collection, but instead done by cuttings that are relatively easy to root. 

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