Vines and Other Climbing Plants

Wintersweet Chimonanthus Fragrance


Originating from China, the Chimonanthes is another plant that is most definitely not a climber at all and will happily grow as a freestanding bush. However, the Wintersweet as it is commonly known, does like to grow up against a sunny wall where it can be tied to supporting trellis, or wires and will to all intents and purposes; appear to any observer, to be a climbing bush. Planted like this, the Chimonanthes will grow up to a height up to 10 - 15 feet. Its woody stems carry largish, deciduous, tough, oval shaped leaves and small, highly scented, flowers. The pale yellow flowers have a reddish centre and are borne in mid Winter when there are no leaves on the plant giving a welcome splash of rare Winter colour. 

After flowering, if they are pollinated, oddly shaped yellowish, brown fruit develop that contain a single large seed. Chimonanthes are fairly slow growing, so it would take some years for a plant to mature from seed, hence most propagation is usually by cuttings. As with most woody plants this is not easily done, resulting in the purchase of large plants being expensive, although the easier method of layering is an option with Wintersweet.

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